Dr. Jack Hunter


Jack Hunter and David Luke discuss 'Talking With the Spirits' on Mysterious Universe (S11E18).

Discussing Paranthropology with Alex Tsakiris on Skeptiko (Episode 264)

Discussing spirits in the academy with Gordon White on Rune Soup (Episode 25)

Discussing anthropology and the paranormal at the Esalen Institute, for the Religious Studies Project (Episodes 83 and 84).

Featuring: Jeffery Kripal, Ann Taves, Tanya Luhrmann, Fiona Bowie, Paul Stoller, Charles Emmons, Stanley Krippner and David Hufford.


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Discussing paranthropology, psychedelics, mediumship, anthropology, permaculture and myth with Allison Jornlin and Mike Huberty on See You On the Other Side Podcast (Episode 132)

Discussing possession, parapsychology, permaculture, and the elusive ontology of spiritual beings with Erik Davis on Expanding Mind (6/1/2017)

Discussing the influence of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on paranormal research with Allison Jornlin, James South, Dana Newkirk and Greg Newkirk on See You on the Other Side Podcast (Episode 155)



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Discussing spirits, anthropology, ecology, animism, the limits of our modern frames in coming to terms with all these notions and a surprising detour into the state of permaculture with Gordon White on Rune Soup (Episode ??).

Discussing 'Engaging the Anomalous' and the Greening of the Paranormal with Mike Huberty and Allison Jornlin on See You on the Other Side Podcast (Episode 195).

One School One Planet Podcast


Podcast for the One School One Planet permaculture in schools project.

Conversations on the fertile edges of Permaculture, Ecology and Education with Steve Jones and Jack Hunter.

Guests so far include Steve Pickup (Willow expert), Dr. Claire Henderson Davies (Theologian), Lusi Alderslow (Children in Permaculture Project), Emyr Jones (Land-Based Studies Teacher), Dewi Morris (outdoor educator), Dr. Andy Letcher (co-ordinator of Schumacher College's MA in Ecology and Spirituality), and more.

Discussing 'Engaging the Anomalous: Collected Essays on Anthropology, the Paranormal, Mediumship and Extraordinary Experience,' animism, UFOlogy, entity encounters, psychedelics, ecology, religious experience, mediumship, the psi vs survival problem, haunted houses and more with Gene Steinberg and Goggs Mackay on The Paracast.

Discussing Engaging the Anomalous, animism, panpsychism, the future of science and permaculture (amongst other things), with Alex Tsakiris on Skeptiko (Episode 383).

Discussing Engaging the Anomalous, the limits and future of science, ghosts, the phenomenology of spirit mediumship, the survival vs. psi debate, state specific science and ontological flooding, with Jim Harold on Ghost Insight (Episode 102).

Discussing Engaging the Anomalous, understanding the human experience through the paranormal, psychedelic entities, the multiverse of complexity, permaculture in relation to the paranormal, spirit mediumship, UFO experiences and alien abductions,  ontological flooding, fortune telling, the Trickster, synchronicities, and more with Ed Liu on the wonderful Psychedelic Milk (Episode 114).

In this wide ranging conversation we talk about all things paranthropological and extraordinary. We talk about the history of anthropology's engagement with the paranormal, my fieldwork experience at the Bristol Spirit Lodge and a spirit called Charlie. In the +Plus extension we go on to talk about floating green goat heads, animism, the agency of rocks and rock mouths (Irving Hallowell and the Ojibwa), receiving signs from plants and animals, wild stories from the field of anthropology, my possessed hand, before finally taking a deep dive into ectoplasm.