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Six Degrees of John Keel Podcast - discussing ontological flooding and high strangeness in academia (Episode).

Spirit Box Podcast - Discussing Manifesting Spirits and the deep weird (Episode 54).3rd Eye Salon - Discussing spirituality, ecology and the deep weird (Episode).

Grant Cameron - Discussing mediumship, spirits, stigmata and super-nature (Episode).

Where Did the Road Go? - Discussing Manifesting Spirits (Episode).

Roots and All Podcast - Discussing Greening the Paranormal (Episode 92).

The Higherside Chats - Discussing Greening the Paranormal (Episode).

New Thinking Allowed - Discussing the Ontology of Spiritual Entities (Episode).

Supernatural Magazine - Discussing Mediums (Episode).

Supernatural Magazine - Discussing Faeries (Episode).

Coast to Coast - Discussing Paranthropology (Episode).

Jim Harold's The Other Side Podcast - Discussing Greening the Paranormal (Episode).

Multidimensional Evolution Podcast - Discussing Greening the Paranormal (Episode 23).

Anthony Peake Consciousness Hour - Discussing Paranthropology (Episode).

Angela's Symposium - Is Magick Real? (Episode).

New Thinking Allowed - Discussing Ecological Awareness and the Paranormal (Episode).

Where Did the Road Go? - Discussing Greening the Paranormal (Episode).

See You on the Other Side - Discussing Greening the Paranormal (Episode 261).

Skeptiko - Discussing Engaging the Anomalous (Episode 383).

The Kevin Moore Show - Discussing Engaging the Anomalous (Episode).

The Higherside Chats - Discussing Engaging the Anomalous (Episode).

Coast to Coast - Discussing Engaging the Anomalous (Episode).

Psychedelic Milk - Discussing Engaging the Anomalous (Episode 114).

Jim Harold's Ghost Insight - Discussing Engaging the Anomalous (Episode 102).

Skeptiko - Discussing Engaging the Anomalous (Episode 383).

Mysterious Universe - Discussing Engaging the Anomalous (Episode 19.21)

The Paracast - Discussing Engaging the Anomalous (Episode).

Rune Soup - Discussing Engaging the Anomalous (Episode).

See You on the Other Side - Discussing Engaging the Anomalous (Episode 195).

See You on the Other Side - Discussing the influence of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Episode 155).

Expanding Mind - Discussing Paranthropology (Episode).

See You on the Other Side - Discussing Paranthropology (Episode 132).

Rune Soup - Discussing Paranthropology (Episode 25).

Skeptiko - Discussing Paranthropology (Episode 264).

Mysterious Universe - Discussing Talking with the Spirits with Dr. David Luke (Episode 11.18).

The Religious Studies Project - Esalen Interviews (Episode 83 and 84).

ASSAP Webinar - Parapsychology and the Ecological Self.

Edinburgh Fortean Society - Organicism and Psychical Research: Where Mushrooms and Mediums Meet.

ASSAP Webinar 5 - An Introduction to Greening the Paranormal.

ISSR Conference 2019, University College Cork - Permaculture, Extraordinary Experience and Regenerative Ecology.

Umoja Spring Garden Party 2019, Conwy - Animism, the Paranormal and Ecological Regeneration.

Parapsychological Association Conference 2015, University of Greenwich - Panel on the Emerging Field of Paranthropology

Breaking Convention 2015, University of Greenwich - On the Nature of the Psilocybe Folk: Psychedelic Entity Encounters and the Problem of Spirits.

Daimonic Imagination Conference, 2011, University of Kent - Psychical and Anthropological Interpretations of Spirit Communicators (Part 1/Part 2).

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